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. but not on the hit of jobs. the hit to food prices. hi, everyone. this is"bulls and bears." u.s. farmers warning about price spikes when they tack on the pass on the law to consumers across the country. so how bad will it get at the check out aisle? the bulls and bears this week, here is tracy bird, john layfield along with david mercer. welcome to everybody. john, is the health care law turning into a rotten apple for shoppers at the supermarket? >> absolutely. surprise, surprise. this is what happens when you pass a law that nobody has read. and you have a problem here. we're told you have a lot of undocumented workers that you're trying to get insurance to. also, you have simple margin errors. you have 2% margins that a lot of contract labors are farmed out on to the farms. you start adding 10%, they can't make money. this has to go directly to the consumer. we talk about low interest rates. our market, our economy is not -- has no shock absorber to absorb something like inflation. this isn't a huge spike. this is inflation. >> john, do you agree? >> we'll see higher food prices. but we would
tomorrow, everybody. >> we'll be here. >> thanks so much for joining us. thanks so much, achilles team. great stuff. see you tomorrow. >> i want a redo. >>> think the syria conflict is far away? well, it's actually already hitting you right here in the gas tank. with tensions rising, oil prices are spiking, and that's turning into more pump pain. gas jumping a nickel this week alo alone. how bad will it get. i'm brenda buttner, this is "bulls & bears." let's get to it. here they are, the "bulls & bears" we have gary smith, tracy vern, john layfield along with gary and mark. welcome to everybody. so energy prices heating up with the tension over syria. john layfield, how bad will it get at the pum much? >> look, i think there's a potential this could get near $4 a gallon of gasoline and the reason is because the last 25 years, all the conflicts we've had, gulf war one, bosnia, the rumors have been worse than the news. sell the rumors by the news. equity markets down, oil prices up until an event happens. the uncertainty that is coming out of the united states, we didn't act on benghazi
for being with us. >>> time for you to get worked up because while the jobless rate may be falling the types of jobs employers are adding are, well, alarming. the number of part-time workers surging. now a record high of 28 million, making up more than 3/4 of the new jobs this year. it comes more companies say they're cutting more hours because of the health care law, so is the law turning mesh into a part-time nation? hi, everybody. this is "bulls & bears." here we are. welcome to everybody. larry, you say blame the health care law for the surge in part-time workers? brenda, this is another unfortunate example of how obama care will hurt real workers in the real economy. it will lead to lower wage growth, lower economic growth, and more part-time jobs being created as we saw in the most recent job reports at the expense of full-time jobs. welcome to part-time jobs. this is a dismal result. susan, are you convinced? >> no, not at all. there are a couple of ceos who have said they're going to shift to part-time workers but a report that came out, 75% said it would have no impact on their hiri
is also in poverty. you want to fix food stamp use, fix poverty. but we have politicians that aren't doing something for fixing the underlying problem, that is jobs and the economy, we simply pay people food stamps, welfare, we're spending $1 trillion this year on these programs just to buy votes. >> well, why do you think even the majority of democrats who were polled think americans are too dependent on government? >> well, i actually agree with some of what john said that this is about fixing poverty. this is about making sure that the recovery, you know, doesn't continue to be as tepid as it has been. look, brenda, i had the very personal experience as a young child of standing in a line waiting for government cheese. people who are on food stamps who are receiving these progr s programs, it is demonizing. they do not want to be in that line. they do not want to be working a full-time job and still living in poverty. what needs to happen? we do need to increase the minimum wage. we should not have a person who is working full-time receiving the minimum wage still have his family in po
a tax return recently? i used to do them for a living. taxes have gone up a lot 37 everyone shod take note of this. you have taxes on everything under the sun. you are taxed to drive your car to and from work every day, your gas tax has gone up, there's less money in your paycheck today than there was ten years ago. >> and, gary, we've seen energy costs go up, education go up, even food prices are going up. that's another tax in some way. >> exactly. i think that's what tracy's getting to. it's not just the line items you put on your 1040, which are numerous these days, but you're right, it absolutely is. it's the cost of commuting, the gas tax, the food prices we pay. everything has gone up. the bottom line, the average household out there has less to spend. that's a fact. because they have less to spend, retailers like walmart, dollar general, et cetera, et cetera, are suffering, and they're going to continue suffering as long as that income stays low and the bigger point probably, that high unemployment rate stays as high as it is. >> in fact, walmart is warning basically that thin
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)